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Dobei 9 months ago
I know right haha
Grole 9 months ago
No way this is that lady from that library movie. Is it truly? She looks a bit different.
Maugar 8 months ago
So it's that time of year where the birds are making little replicas. Each year they get more daring and dive-bomb more aggressively. There was a very protective Momma mockingbird that made a little nest in a small tree that sits right up against my home. She was diligent in attacking me and my dog everytime we walked out the front door. It was sweet to see her working so hard to protect her nest even though I had to stand close to my dog to make sure Momma Bird wasn't going to peck my dog's eyes out. I would talk to her and tell her we didn't want to hurt her babies. But we still had some real Hitchcock moments the past couple weeks with her.

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